Due to the Covid19 we have ended all in person classes and one on one programming. Classes will be held virtually and placed on our social media accounts. 


This special session tackles specific strategies that prevented blacks from owning homes prior to the Civil Rights Act.




Tax Delinquency +


We have a service that works with you to keep your home after you have a foreclosure date. We provide solution based strategies to help you navigate predatory municipality strategies and fight off aggressive investors who offer we buy homes with cash strategies. 

Ongoing Program

The Black Tax

Ongoing Program

Vendor Inclusion Project

VIP is more than a networking group. It is a building group. It embraces diversity and leverages different industries to create growth for members by connecting their brands to the real estate industry. 

Ongoing Program

Ribbon Investing

A way of thinking mixed with industry insight, Ribbon Investing works to support investors who want to create responsible profits. From project management to building relationships with emerging contractors, we look to change how investing works. 

1300 Method

This is our most popular class and has led to more than $7,000,000 in real estate purchased by first time home buyers and investors. Join as we talk about how you can buy a home for $1300



Newbie: A first time home seller class

Selling your home is an adventure. Knowing the process, when you should sell and what to expect will make it easier. This classes covers it all. 



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